Welcome to SHAS GEMS

Everyone has a unique story that includes many chapters of life. And when the facts of life are presented end to end, it resembles a narrative arc where all these points plotted in this arc, shapes us.

We, SHAS GEMS, exemplify an inheritance that portrays royalty, sovereignty and competence of the craftsmen to help you reshape your narrative arc. These precious pieces of gems and jewels are the witness of your journey.



We bring the legacy of the last four decades blended with the modern settings of the new era. Trading in different variations of gems and jewelry provides us an edge, to satisfy our customers with their requirements and make them look gracious.



From rough to retail, we have successfully established a strong global presence with our finest and high quality products. To continue the trust and relationships developed throughout this journey, we always guarantee the quality, absolute prices and 100 percent authenticity of all the gems and jewelry pieces we sell.

We are diversified into manufacturing and wholesaling too which leverage our extensive market reach coupled with the uncompromised standards of quality.



We are further spearheading our strong online presence to spread across the globe and provide an unparalleled customer experience with the intent of making our heritage recognized across the world.

Find us on Facebook(link), Instagram(link) and LinkedIn(link). We would love to connect with you.

To get your queries answered or to place custom orders, please feel free to reach us on +91 8094344106 or send us an email info@shasgems.com.

May the ODDS be ever in your FAVOR!!

Welcome to Shas Gems

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