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Endowed with gorgeous color, Amethyst is treasured with immense power because of its ability to connect with the third eye. It infuses your mind with relaxing energy and peaceful vibes, resulting in increased intelligence that enables you to make the right choices.
This brightly hued stone is available in vivid splash of purple at different intensity levels. The deepest indigo hue is the most effective. But you may tap the mystical powers of this stone at a price that is convenient to your pocket.
The healing powers of this purple stone tap into all of that, still it makes a great companion with those who are born in the month of February. A month when love is in the air, and we embrace the frigid winds that soothe our souls. It’s a dreamy match, as amethyst brings calm and harmony to soothe chaotic thoughts.

Benefits of Birthstone

To quell your feelings of anxiety, Amethyst imparts you its soothing vibes. Amethyst clusters help in protecting home from negative energy. They are also used to develop grounding rituals for any healing process. It amps your confidence level and gives you a sense of knowing yourself.

Being a symbol of love and commitment makes it a perfect gift to express love. It is believed to encourage self-control and strength too. It has aiding abilities to vanish the growth of rage for people who get angry quickly. On a physical front, it boosts the immune system and helps heal breathing problems and skin. If we look into the history, it is very interesting to know that the name Amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not drunken” as it was thought to prevent intoxication and heal the body.

Final Thought, Amethyst is all about finding serenity and tranquility, and brings deep transformations in our lives.

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