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Born from the sea, the mermaid stone brings whispers of the mellow waves, the sea-water saga and token of love. The worldly goods of the sea garnered into stone come with sparkling hues, calming nature and strong healing vibes. It’s tempting shades make it a perfect gift for your loved ones to bring charm and happiness in their life. From large size crystals to beautifully molded jewelry, in every form, Aquamarine is a precious stone to own to keep you cool and afresh.

Ranging from faint blue to blue-green, it is universally loved in every shade. Color saturation is generally found in large size aquamarine, small size generally tends to be less vivid.

It is a lucky stone for those born in March, to make them flow with the current and amplify their strengths so that they don’t drown in negative vibes. Keeping you cool and calm, it helps you get more clarity and understanding of the situations.

Benefits of Birthstone

Conjuring up the images of wispy radiant sea, Aquamarine invites us to immerse ourselves in spirituality and purify our soul to the core. It enhances the intuitive communication that gives clarity and helps in making quick decisions.

While giving courage, it brings you out from any kind of fear and helps you become more expressive. It refines your perception instead of becoming judgmental.

Associated with the Throat Chakra, it has healing powers to regulate hormones and alleviates Thyroid problems. It is also known to boost the immune system and protect the body from overreacting in case of ailments like hay fever or any such allergies. It also helps in improving eyesight and helps in soothing tired eyes.

With its strong vibes and beauty, it always helps to set you a notch higher among the crowd.

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