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Dreams come true, Citrine announces this affirmation loudly with its uplifting vibes. It shakes you and makes you feel energetic and passionate to work in the direction of achieving your dreams. A burst of brightness and warmth, makes it your soul partner. It is also considered an abundance stone, which may bring wealth to your life. It is an amazing gift for those who want to head-start their life. When it comes to attracting all good things back to your life, Citrine assists you well with its mystical powers. Apart from all this it also brings success and prosperity in life.

From juicy lemon to orange-brown, all of its tones are popular and affordable.

While winter rolls in, the glowing sunlight is always soothing. Same goes with those who are born in November, the Citrine keeps you safe and stores glow in your skin. It helps you introspect and know your self-worth instead of depending on the outer world’s praises to get you moving.

Benefits of Birthstone

Connected with all Chakras, it affects all areas of life that makes you strong in your own power. Its positive energy enables you to push your boundaries and fight all negativities. It gives you control over your feelings and leads to emotional stability.

Heal yourself from the feelings of anger, depression, confusion and destructive thoughts with the energy that flows from this gem. It encourages the feelings of knowing your worth and helps in battling negative criticism. Its powerful energies combat fears and depression and help to relieve backaches, liver problems and issues with the digestive system. It also aids in Thyroid problems. For those suffering from chronic fatigue, it uplifts your energy levels.

Say Goodbye to those maudlin moods and bring in good vibes and excitement on wearing this glowing gem.

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