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Born more than a billion years ago, this sparkling stone bestow you with material comfort, luxury, love and marriage life. Since, the ancient Romans believed diamonds to be the tip of Cupid’s arrows, it signified the early connection of diamonds with romantic love. Derived from a Greek word “adamas” means invincible, add to its meaning and value. The beliefs related to the effects of diamonds on an individual had been widespread in ancient times. Some believed that it gave strength and courage. While others believed it to possess healing properties and ability to cure fatigue and mental illness.

In its naturally vivid colored rainbow, fancy whites are the most popular. Its beautiful opalescent attribute reflects a spectrum of colors. Dark colored diamonds have an edge over white, as they tend to hide their flaws and may look clean to naked eyes. Zircon could also make the best alternative.

This gem can be the best mate for April born, by bringing light and energy and fills you with the elixir of life. No matter how much pressure and struggle you have to face, it keeps you strong headed and encompasses feelings of courage and confidence.

Benefits of Birthstone

Dreamy in Devotion, Diamond symbolizes eternal and lasting love from decades. With its glorious healing vibes, it brings in the sense of invincibility and abundance into your world. When used to uplift the energy levels, its effects are extremely potent.

Empowering you with fearlessness and fortitude, it also stimulates creativity, imagination and ingenuity. It inspires trust and commitment into our relationships.

It aids in treating dizziness, pituitary gland disorders and benefits the brain functioning. Those with foggy heads and migraines, it fades those clouds of cluttered mind and helps in rebalancing energies.

Shine Out with this glamorous gem. It makes you stand strong with a winning spirit in every phase of life.

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