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For all the strong and intelligent individuals with a pinch of stubbornness, and at the same time someone who values honesty and hard work, emerald is a gem that shares your vibrations. Since ancient times, the fables of ancient times, affirms that the gem has the abilities of bringing serendipity and good luck to the wearer. It guards your heart and helps maintain a stunning balance in between the right and left side of the mind.

The glimmer of green with multiple hues, makes Emerald a royal choice. The bold green color exhibits the real nature of it. And the pale blue might be considered similar to aquamarine. Its effectiveness largely depends on the nuance of saturation.

With the arrival of spring, the month of May gets filled with freshness of blooming flowers and spring greens. The green color is the paradigm of new life, bliss, hope and vitality, which are the Emerald virtues.

Benefits of Birthstone

Elegant and Extravagant, Emerald is the gem that directly connects to your heart and establishes an extremely happy, peaceful and picturesque environment around you. It oozes the wealth and prosperity and makes you feel honored for your efforts and hard work.

It is a natural gift for those looking for wisdom and also attributed to strengthening memory and raising consciousness. In the matters of heart and love, it lets love to evolve and mature in your close-knit relationships.

Known for aiding a large assortment of illnesses, it is renowned for combating aging by rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. Through ages, it is also signified as a top stone for soothing eyes and restoring vision.

Bring back the strength of eternal youth and gladness in your life by picking alluring Emerald.

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