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Also known as pomegranate stone, garnet catches the light with a dark red luster. Pomegranate in Latin is Granatum, explaining how this gemstone got its name. This soul whisking gemstone has a profound connection to love and creativity. It helps improve the person’s ability to dare and think positively at the same time, perhaps the reason why it has been a lucky-charm for most of the travelers in ancient times. From Madagascar to India, garnet can be found across a variety of geographical locations. Further, history records its existence in the Ancient Greek times.

This gem comes in various shades of red, gold orange and brown with varied influencing abilities. The Red imbue passion and power and on the other side pink points to romance and compassion and so on through the spectrum.

It is the best match for those born in January. Start of the Year, when we enlist our New Year Resolutions. Garnet as a guiding light leads you to the success ladder bringing harmony, positive attitude and motivation in your life. And help to reach your relationship goals too.

Benefits of Birthstone

Adored from centuries, Garnet is the stone that deeply connects us to our roots. It comes with a multitude of benefits. For those who lost the direction in life, it instills the feeling of being safe and grounded. It is very helpful when starting something new.

It symbolizes love and passion and strengthens relationships. Its warm glow brings in creativity. It blesses your close-knit bond with warmth, understanding, trust and loyalty.

By lending a purifying nature to our body, it regenerates our body and stimulates metabolism. It maintains the proper heart-rhythm and blood pressure.

Having the Garnet close-by turn leads to massive improvement in general well-being.

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