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Step towards pure mind-set and trigger trance with the magical powers of Pearl and Moonstone. They help you strike a balance between the physical and spiritual world. Their positive vibes make you stick to the path of truth and sincerity.

When it comes to Pearl, the milky white is so firmly entrenched in our minds that it will be surprising for you to learn about its various shades. Alternative to it, Moonstones are valued on glowing sheen blended with various hues of white, pink, yellow, orange, brown and red. 

Those who fall under the banner of Born in June are lucky to pick between the lustrous, rare-coloured pearl and the opalescent, creamy-coloured moonstone.  Both carry the grace and simplicity that makes them unique. Their healing powers bestow you with calmness and softness while standing strong in adverse situations.

Benefits of Birthstone

The Pearl promises purity. It gets you in touch with most simple and honest things in life. Being a symbol of faith, charity and innocence, it also imparts the wearer, its immense healing powers in treating digestive disorders, ensuring healthy pregnancy, alleviating headaches, relieving stress and preventing heart-attacks while keeping you centered and calm.

The radiant rays of moon trapped represent the basic nature of moonstone. It enlightens every corner of our soul with its illuminating energy. It has a calming influence while standing steady in adverse situations. Its glowing light enhances creativity and improves your intellect. It strengthens your decision-making power and enables you to face any kind of confrontations. It aids in balancing hormones, fertility issues and pregnancy.

Bless yourself with all creature comforts with these quintessential and traditional gems.

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