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Like sun rays peeking through foliage, the glowing green-colored Peridot provides you small doses of strength to achieve emotional balance in your life. It comes with high vibrations and spiritual connotations. Its glimmering green hue was adorned by Egyptian Queens but even before that it can be found in many fables of history. Be it freeing yourself from negative emotions or setting your mind to focus on things, Peridot is always a cynosure. It provides a stability and brings balance that can make you shine.

Not only the olive greens and bright lime, but from yellowish green to brown, Peridot is available in various shades of glimmering green. Gemstones below 3 carats are most popular rather than those between 10-15 carats, due to its easy availability.

It is a perfect match for those born in August. With its gleaming glow, it brings warmth to your soul while making you cool and calm. One glance at it and you will feel positive vibes that bring warmth, fearlessness and make you leave a blazing trail.

Benefits of Birthstone

Unlock your purpose of life, with this twinkling gem that imparts you joy and strong willpower to live the life. It fills your heart with pure love and good vibes and enables you to bring firmness in your relationships. Also, it gives direction of life which will help you focus your energies to be successful.

It sets you free from all that heavy baggage and help in letting go of things that don’t serve you anymore. It relieves you from all problematic behaviors like jealousy, judgement, bitterness and spite and empowers you to step back from all drama and struggle.

When it comes to injury, lower abdomen ailments, respiratory issues, Peridot is a natural healer.

So Beat the devil within you and step out in soothing sunlight, peering through the gloom.

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