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The metaphor of fiery energy, RUBY has been a symbol of noble thoughts and fantasies. History records ancient Indians denoted ruby as ‘Ratnaraj’ which is Sanskrit word for ‘King of Precious Stones’. The mysterious role of synchronicity shapes our life, which can be witnessed by the wearer of Ruby. While imparting you with immense doses of confidence, it also clears obstacles from your way and enables you to blaze your trail safely.

Close to the color of blood, it is corelated with both life and death. It is the color and clarity that defines the price of ruby. The brightest and exotic color is ‘a Burmese Ruby’. The range may vary from orange red to bluish red.

Their visual quality of fiery red exterior with a glow from within, resemble the character traits of those born in July. While establishing a connection with the world, it inspires us to action and bring spark in your life.

Benefits of Birthstone

Set the world on fire, with the mystical powers of this regal gemstone. They are known to bring inner power and new lust to life. It’s energizing quality and charisma makes you shine and feel inspired.

It is believed to raise consciousness, amplify energy and instill courage. Also, they can protect you against exhaustion and lethargy. For those who suffer from excessive moderation and diffidence, it could be the first pick.

Its rich red color connects it with root chakra and helps detoxify the body, blood and lymphatic system. Also, it strengthens the heart.

Skew in any direction, Ruby will always place you in limelight.

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