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The sparkle of Sapphire liberates you from all shackles that are holding you back, to live a stress-free and happy life. It helps you attain the state of mind when you feel more secure and other people’s thoughts and opinions don’t affect you anymore. One look and this gem is thought to bring good fortune. It encourages the life of sincerity and serenity. This stunning stone is considered as a holy stone and protects you against hoodoos.

Transparent to opaque, it stores a collection of wise-array of colors. Among other varieties of pink, yellow, orange, peach, the shades of blue are the most popular. Violet blue Sapphires with velvety transparency are most rare. Parallel to that, the darker the hue, the greater the price. Another interesting fact is that there are also color-change sapphires which change their tone in different light sources.

It is recommended for those born in September, as it inspires respect, patience, loyalty and protection. Enhancing introspection abilities, it connects you to deeper and firmly entrenched this notation within you that life is beautiful.

Benefits of Birthstone

Known as a wisdom stone, it gives you a sense of spiritual insight, bringing mental clarity and peace. Its rays bring order in your thoughts. Its healing properties are used in clairvoyance and psychokinesis as well.

Its positive vibes improve your relationships and reconcile differences. Promoting the joy of serving others and doing charity is the basic attribute of this gem. Increased levels of patience always set you in a mood to forgive others who did wrong with you.

Its vibrant color can alleviate headaches, migraines and remove hiccups. Also it improves your memory and gives you sound sleep. It boosts your brain’s functions and also heals your vision and hearing problems.

Introspect into the truth of life and set a communication with your angels by keeping this stone close by.

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