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Float away with the energy of these ruling birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline.

The soft sheen of Opal and rainbow-colored Tourmaline is known for ward-off negative vibes and brings confidence and hope.

Opal can help you fulfill your desires by uncovering your hidden abilities and bringing confidence. It also symbolizes innocence and creativity. In the same way, Tourmaline also has soothing vibrations and brings joy into your life. It stimulates your energies of compassion and tolerance.

Opal comes with iridescent colors that change when seen from different angles. The color plays and shifts make it always adorable with a plethora of outfits. Alternative to that, Tourmaline is available in vibrant range of colors with its three-sided prisms. The intensity and distribution of colors in both gems, decides their price.

For those born in October, both the stones are packed with immense potential to serve as a protector. It gradually places you in the aura of positive vibes and helps you keep those energetic boundaries in place.

Benefits of Birthstone

Opal can bring out imagination and originality and strengthen desire for joyful living. To let go of your inhibitions and bring out your adventurous side, this gem is highly recommended. It helps alleviate various infections, cleanses the blood and regulates insulin. It also stimulates appetite and helps women during pregnancy and childbirth.

Tourmaline cuts through the anxiety levels and adds self-compassion, inner strength and emotional stability to your life. Making you more sympathetic towards your partner, this gem helps avoid any unnecessary chaos and strengthens relationships. On a physical front, it aids our nervous system and immune system. It can also make your weight-loss journey easy and help in skin disorders.

The rainbow beauty of these stones always reminds you that life is full of joy and changing continuously.

Crave for either of the two; both have enchanting abilities to manifest your life.

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